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Summer Cycling: Tips to Stay Cool

These days when temperatures hit 33°C and above, it is always preferable to go riding early in the morning to avoid the heat. With some gentle climbs and great views, the ride from Lisle-sur-Tarn to Salvagnac was an excellent choice this morning - check out the magnificent sunflowers!

Here are some tips to stay cool:

1. Start your ride early to stay away from the highest temperature of the day. Sarting with the sunrise is the best and the traffic is low. 6am is a good time!

2. Ride with two water bottles. Some gravel bike have even three water-bottle holders.

3. Plan to ride via some villages in order to fill your water bottles if needed. Graveyards and sport fields usually have taps with drinkable water.

4. Keep one of your bottles filled with only water because it is always good to water yourself sometimes but not with sticky water!

Have a good ride and stay cool!

Sunflower fields near Salvagnac Tarn