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After a good ride, it is important to relax to be ready for the next session. While cycling you build muscle, which is aided by the intake of water and protein. A tasty smoothie is the ideal way to meet the need for hydration and protein. 

Here is a recipe that I recommend after each ride or for breakfast.


2 bananas
50g frozen red berries
200ml plant milk, i.e. oat or soya milk
150ml grapefruit juice
2 tbsp hemp protein
4 tbsp oats (optional, but very good if the smoothie is all you're going to have for breakfast)


Process everything in a blender until smooth. Add more milk or juice if the smoothie is too thick.

Of course, there are varied option for the choice of the proteins powder like spirulina, chickpea flour, and it is also worth trying other plant milks, such as almond milk or spelt milk.

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