Tarn Valley Cycle Path

('Véloroute du Tarn')

The véloroute of Tarn valley connects Saint-Sulpice-sur-Tarn and Albi and is well signposted. In total, the route is 63km long and winds its way through the picturesque villages and towns of the Tarn valley. There are several train stations along the way, including Rabastens, Lisle-sur-Tarn and Gaillac - a good fallback if you decide to take it easy!

Map of Tarn Valley cycle path:


Here are the train stations along the Tarn Valley cycle path:

  • Saint-Sulpice-sur-Tarn

  • Rabastens-Couffouleux

  • Lisle-sur-Tarn (where you'll find La Bonne Echappée!)

  • Gaillac

  • Tessonnières

  • Marssac-sur-Tarn

  • Albi-Ville

  • Albi-Madeleine